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Pastoral Staff

Calvary Baptist Church is currently seeking a pastor/lead elder.  If you are a spiritually mature man who is called of God to be a pastor/lead elder, and feel led to apply for that position, please send your cover letter, resume, doctrinal statement, current family photo, and three (3) letters of reference to BOTH AND  Open Door Ministries is assisting the Pulpit Committee with the candidate review process.  Email applications are preferred, since snail mail applications will take longer to process.  An overview of the job description follows.   A more detailed job description will be provided during the application process.



There are several responsibilities that the Bible gives to Elders/Pastors/Bishops.

The Lead Elder/Pastor is a "first among equals."  All the elders bear the same responsibilities, and yet the Lead Elder is the leader among the leaders.  It is not expected that he always be the first to identify the problem or the solution, but that he would lead by example, seeking God's face.  The elder is to view his responsibilities as an undershepherd of the Lord's flock, not as the CEO of a corporation.  Because the Lead Elder is a paid position, it is expected that he would bear a greater portion of the responsibilities.

1.  A Lead Elder/Pastor is to give himself to prayer and the ministry of the Word.  A man's effectiveness will only be as powerful as his personal prayer life.  An elder must walk with God, depending on the Holy Spirit to live the life of Jesus through him.  From his walk with God, he will feed the flock.

2. A Lead Elder/Pastor must oversee the spiritual care of the people as a shepherd loves his sheep: visiting members, building relationships, and asking the hard questions.  He must not "run" from the difficult problems like a hireling, but lovingly confront and comfort with Jesus' compassion.  As well as watching over the flock at large, elders must watch over each other, guarding against "burnout," as well as moral failure.

3.  A Lead Elder/Pastor must pray for the sick when called upon to do so.  The prayer of faith requires a walk that is "in tune" with the "Great Physician."

4.  A Lead Elder/Pastor as a shepherd leads the flock from the front, casting the vision of where the Lord wants to move the assembly.  He is to lead with transparency and humility, inviting the flock to follow him as he follows Christ.

5.  A Lead Elder/Pastor is responsible to settle theological disputes.  With sound doctrine, he is both to exhort and convince the gainsayers.

6.  A Lead Elder/Pastor is to work with and communicate with the deacons so that they know what to do and how to minister to the flock.


7. A Lead Elder/Pastor must be diligent to keep first things first by guarding anything that would take the assembly away from the simplicity of the Gospel and God's priorities.  By God's grace, it is each saved person's responsibility to make disciples, but it is God's responsibility to build the church.  Elders must prioritize local missions as well as foreign.  Reaching the world needs to be a result of our increasing desire to reach our lost neighbors.

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