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Calvary Baptist Church will host its annual 
Men's Retreat at the Pittston Farm

April 28-30, 2022
Cost is $140 per person.


ABOUT CALEB I grew up in the state of Maine as one of eight children. My dad served in ministry as a Pastor and school administrator. Around the age of 6, I became very fearful of sin, hell, and eternity. My dad opened the scriptures and led me to trust Christ as my personal Saviour. Because of hidden sin in my teen years, my relationship with the Lord became distant, and I became disillusioned with the glamour of the world. I was sure that if I surrendered my life to Jesus I would be miserable and would miss out on the real fun of life. After high school, I went to a search and rescue academy in Texas called ALERT where God began to soften my resistant heart. After six months at ALERT, my parents asked that I would attend one year of Bible college. Reluctantly I agreed, knowing that Bible College could be the end of all my human dreams.


I enrolled as a freshman at Baptist College of Ministry in Menomonee Falls, WI in the fall of 2011. In God’s goodness, He brought me under great conviction of my years of hidden sin and rebellion. For years I had known He was calling me to preach, but I had continually fought Him. To God’s glory, on the third night of the school’s opening meetings, I decided to stop fighting God and embrace His call upon my life. From that point on, I have never looked back. I finished Bible College in 2016 and completed seminary in the spring of 2018. Emma and I were married on August 18, 2018 and our son, Gilbert, was born in November of 2019.

I love any sport, but especially basketball, volleyball, and golf. I love a good burger, going to museums, American history, and good coffee.

CALEB'S BURDEN: I have found Jesus to be real, to be sufficient and to be worth giving my life to. It is my deep desire to call men and women to choose Jesus, to find that He is real and worth following.

     My heart burns to preach the Gospel. There is no message that I find more thrilling and life-giving than the Gospel. I long to see young men and women respond to God’s gracious and unceasing call for laborers. The dearth in our churches for laborers is not because God is calling fewer but because fewer are listening. My burden is to preach the power of Jesus Christ. He can heal the broken hearted and set captives free. He is the source of revival. Embracing Christ is the answer for the lost, for the home, and for the church. Finally, I want to lift the hands of the Pastor. As an evangelist, I believe it is my role to undergird his message and his ministry, both to his church and to his family.

     I simply want to be a servant declaring the goodness of the Master, preaching Christ to the sinner and the saint.